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Speaking of Tea Parties

I removed all “old English” fonts from my font list!! So there!

Who uses these anyway!?? Way to rebel!

Here are a few since I know you don’t know they exist either.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 4.40.01 PM.png

Back to the real Tea Party. My neighbor, Earl (as in Grey), just stopped by with his latest idea. He has an idea every 30 minutes or so.

Someone needs to hire him to just sit there and think. Oddly tho, everything (nearly) he’s come up with has come around at a future point in time.  And, his “I told you so” soon thereafter. Humbling experience, indeed.

Yesterday’s idea was about preventing forest fires with earth inlays that are programmed to blast water at the sound/smell of fire – tech buff!   (who knows?)  May be seeing something like his diagram in action one of these days!

Oh yeah, Tea!  So, his latest and greatest proves to be a hit!  You see, Earl had concocted a recipe to use with tea for colds and flus years ago. Said he’s been drinking it during cold and flu season for 3+ years. Hasn’t caught a cold or flu the entire time! Impressive. Especially since he’d get a couple of ’em each year.

Brought the whole package with him and I think he might be onto something.  He brewed me a sample and it was okay – I added more honey to sweeten it up a bit more!  Anyway, during the prep, he told mUnknown-1.jpege detail by detail by detail…what he was doing, how he came up with the idea… when… well you get the picture:  a presentation.  (Think he’s been watching too much #SharkTank.)

In any event, I swear that tea recipe was the real thing.  Within minutes, well sixty of them or so, it cured what was ailing me – allergies!  Sneezing stopped, nasal passages cleared up – VOILA!

Back to Earl!  Now,  he wants to take this to market.  I asked him about his research.  None.  We proceeded to do our research, found nothing like it on the market. (I know, that was pretty shoddy research)

I asked if he had a patent (I don’t know that he needs one, but hey!) He got on my desktop and filed the dang thing.

Next, I asked about his marketing strategy.  None.  He wasn’t interested in running around and dedicating his life to it (too many other ideas to deal with).

So I suggested he query the tea company whose tea he uses in the recipe (always uses same tea company). Back to the desktop.  Done!

I’m not sure that was a good idea, but thought he could get a feel for the possibility of someone who’ll jump aboard – ya never know.

He’s in my kitchen now designing and putting his packaging together (??)  to sell to the tea company.  That’s the problem with Earl. He gets ahead of himself and…  I’ll just let him be. That tin foil contraption isn’t going to work, but he’ll figger it out.

I like Earl!  Enthusiastic about everything.  Who knows, a cold and flu cure may soon be on its way – MAYBE.  Not his necessarily, but, I’ll bet it will show up give or take a year!

I’ll get back to you on it.

Have yourselves a great weekend and talk soon!



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