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I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep track of the time already.  Looked at the calendar twice already today.  I suppose I could blame my confusion  on looking for it.  Ever elusive “time.” Tough, I guess, to simply stay put and go with that “flow.”  Working on it.

I’m still trying to get used to the new calendar (gift) created by Avalanche – sayings on front of each month.  Today’s:  “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Thoreau   Remember him?  On Golden Pond – I mean Walden.  So, I guess what I saw when I looked at the calendar was -it is, indeed, Saturday!  I’m much wiser for it.


We humans want to control everything, from how those easy over eggs come out perfectly (and if they don’t, we’ve failed once again) to what Josh just said in voicing his opinion on the “dumbass” candidates running for Presidential Election.  Guess we think that it is “we” who get to decide who gets to say what, when, and why.  What a burden, huh?  (pssst I agree with him)

Speaking of eggs, did you know that the more orange the yolk, the better the egg?  I know.  I didn’t know that either!  Read it on one of those “what you should eat” sites.

Hey!  Google is now split in two with Alphabet!  With the Alphabet preceding the Google (so far so good).  How’s that for spending forever trying to figure out what a “google” is – to learning our ABC’s all over again.  Gotta hand it to them tho, their creativity is … well, it’s what it is.  At least they’re not being apers (look it up on Google) as I posted awhile ago.

Well, folks, just stopped in to say “hello” (yup Adele’s back)!  So much to cover, I’ll just leave it here (NOW) – I’m getting it!  You?

Here we go again  – and receive possibly the best wishes and figs anywhere on the planet !

Your friends @FigvilleUSA.

p.s. Catch me tweeting a tune or two – and disrupting businesses everywhere!





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This is it?

A doodle’s better than nothing, I suppose.  I’m not impressed though.

Here we are, it’s July 4th and I’d expect to see one of the biggest splashes of fireworks on Google’s Search page – live streams of displays across this great land of ours.   I was disappointed – thought they just might do something…anything.  Alas, one can only continue to hope they’ll try to lead once again.

Speaking of leaders, Twitter (my favorite) via Mashable (my other favorite) has it covered in photos! Go Twitter! Go Mashable!  http://mashable.com/2011/07/04/4th-of-july-fireworks-pics/

Think about it.  Since their creation of Google Search, exactly how are they engaging with us?  How do they plan to be that once vibrant entity of yore.  Oh!  You’re probably thinking Google+ their latest copycat scheme.  They didn’t come up with it…my point.

It may work, I’m not here to judge the merit of taking someone’s idea (again) and trying to profit from it.  They’re really good at that!  Why Facebook is cooperating in such a big way is, my guess, simply more of what they already have = $.  And, when it’s said and done, this makes it more laughable: Zuckerberg is the most followed on Google+ – check it out for yourself http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/04/mark-zuckerberg-is-the-most-followed-user-on-google/

And, let’s not forget that we, the people, get to forego our real time, best possible search results since Google’s not keeping their promise to us –  tough for them to do two things at once.  Sidetracking is no tracking.

By the way, how many of you are planning to do the Google+ and the Facebook thing?   Like you aren’t already addicted to Facebook and now you’re going to have to compromise your time to make circles of friends (sounds like the name of a pre-school) between the two.

I have some great ideas for Google, but they refuse to hear me out.  Not that I’ve contacted them, but I have to believe that they watch what people are writing about them –  I’ve have written a thing or two on this subject.   Even offered to help.  No contact yet…they’re circular = dizzy.

Hey Google!  I’ve got a smashing idea (no one’s thought of it yet), gimme a holler!

Enough about Google, hope you all had a nice July 4th. We, in FigVille USA, celebrated with tributes to our military and their families, past and current.  Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, parents, children, relatives.  We’re grateful for your service.

Carry on.

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Here it is in black and white and red and especially YELLOW

Need a domain? Take this for $60K!

Thanks to Google, you can own the http://www.stg.net web site domain name for a mere $60,000.00.

My neighbor, Josh St. Germaine (StG), came by today to tell me all about it.  He had his eye on putting up a fancy web site to sell his collection of antique milk buckets. Said he was looking for free web site host and voila!  up came Google.  He was happier than a tick on a dog (that’s what he said).

Josh was performing his due diligence before signing up for his free “StG Antique Milk Buckets” web site when he came upon this highlight from  a supposed happy customer.  Google uses his testimonial ????

Read what our users are saying

Scott Griepentrog
software developer and owner of www.StG.Net
Google has kicked me off of adsense.  There used to be ads on this site, and without any sort of explanation they have shut down my account.  I have to admit, I’m normally a staunch defender of all things Google, and especially like Sites, but after this experience with adsense, I’m starting to rethink that attitude.  Google, you’re only going to make enemies with the attitude that you can do whatever you want without explanation to anybody.

To add insult to injury, they also put a stop on the last check, so that has cost me $5 on top of not getting the over two hundred dollars that I had earned.  I would really love to know what I did wrong guys, but since helping us poor smucks avoid your wrath is against your policy, you’re leaving me no choice but to leave Google.

The top of the StG site offers the domain name:
Interested in purchasing this domain (stg.net)?  Send $60,000 to paypal@stg.net and its yours.  Or make me an offer.

Josh didn’t know what to make of it, rushed over to my house to show me.  I had an idea, “let’s email this fellow and make him an offer!”  Josh was happier than that tick in the whatever.  So we did.

Well, after emailing the StG people to ask them to reconsider their price of $60K to our $6.00 offer, we received their reply:

From: Griepentrog, Scott <scott@stg.net>

Subject: Email changed to scott@griepentrog.com Re: domain name

Date: May 9, 2011 9:41:09 PM PDT

To: JentherGabmar@yahoooooo.com

Please note: After April 1, emails to scott@stg.net may not be
received.  Please change your address for me to scott@griepentrog.com.

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of
life, please press three.”
– Alice Kahn
“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what
nobody has thought.”
-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

We pressed 3, nothing happened.  Wonder what that poor fellow was thinking (or not).

Anyway, looks as if Google put the screws (axe) to one of their bargain hunters.  Too bad for Josh St. Germaine.  Maybe not, we found a free web site offer from Microsoft.  We’re looking into it.

If you want to visit the page, here ya go:  http://www.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html  You’ll have to click on StG site to see the hidden message.  http://www.stg.net/

Moral of the story:  That’s what free means to Frugal Google.  You can have it free, but we’ll get even.

Careful what you ask for.

Goodnight from FigVilleUSA

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For those of you who missed Google’s Easter Doodle, I’m here to accommodate you and to agree with you.  I’ve been reading too.

Why didn’t google do their doodle for Easter Sunday?  I have the indisputable answer:  I don’t know.

Should they have done a doodle?  I don’t suspect so.  They, just like you and me, have the right to do or to not do whatever they darn well please.  Besides, let’s not make them more important than they already believe they are.

Unlike Google, I’m here to figs the craving.  Enjoy!

Happy Eggster

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Have you seen the 2011 Temkin Customer Service Rankings List of 149 companies?  You may be surprised and then again, like me, no surprises here.  Here you go, if you haven’t seen it.   http://bit.ly/hvEkrU

I’ve posted extensively on Apple who ranked an astounding 79, Verizon, who ranked up there at 86, my handy dandy Bank of America at 97, and good ole Comcast at 139.  Wal-Mart at 13 did surprise me, but they’re good at deception.

Shout out to Amazon, Kohl’s and Costco for earning the first three spots on the list.

Just curious, tho, anyone figure out why Google‘s not listed?  My theory is there is no customer service – look…see for yourself, can’t find a contact anywhere on any one of their multitudinous sites pages.

Finally, where the heck is Whole Foods?

Hang tight, Study Four of Whole Foods vs Safeway out after the weekend.

Night from FigVille USA


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Hi folks!  All geared up for the New Year – 2011.  I’ve got some great news for you!

Today only, I’m offering free proofreading and the good part is, I’ve already completed my work.  All you have to do is implement it.

It’s 2011!   Web sites, which are your worldwide storefront banners, seem to get the shaft come the new year.  Listen up, it’s simple.  Just change it!  copyright from last year  to 2011.  Just an eeensy weensy peck away.

General Motors, CNN, Safeway, Verizon, Ford, Amazon, Dell, Mashable (tsk tsk) et al, you’re welcome!

Oops!  Google, you’ve done it again (check out Google Apps page).  Had to remind you last year, let’s hope you get it this time.

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Google Bings Microsoft

Startled the heck outta me!

Quickie.  The other day I mentioned that Google was offering personalization at its search site.  Guess I wasn’t alone when I brought up the topic for “nothing new again from Google.”

Press hot on it!

Come on Google, show us something new.

Thanks folks for the Charity Water clicks!  Sure do appreciate it.

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