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I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep track of the time already.  Looked at the calendar twice already today.  I suppose I could blame my confusion  on looking for it.  Ever elusive “time.” Tough, I guess, to simply stay put and go with that “flow.”  Working on it.

I’m still trying to get used to the new calendar (gift) created by Avalanche – sayings on front of each month.  Today’s:  “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” –Thoreau   Remember him?  On Golden Pond – I mean Walden.  So, I guess what I saw when I looked at the calendar was -it is, indeed, Saturday!  I’m much wiser for it.


We humans want to control everything, from how those easy over eggs come out perfectly (and if they don’t, we’ve failed once again) to what Josh just said in voicing his opinion on the “dumbass” candidates running for Presidential Election.  Guess we think that it is “we” who get to decide who gets to say what, when, and why.  What a burden, huh?  (pssst I agree with him)

Speaking of eggs, did you know that the more orange the yolk, the better the egg?  I know.  I didn’t know that either!  Read it on one of those “what you should eat” sites.

Hey!  Google is now split in two with Alphabet!  With the Alphabet preceding the Google (so far so good).  How’s that for spending forever trying to figure out what a “google” is – to learning our ABC’s all over again.  Gotta hand it to them tho, their creativity is … well, it’s what it is.  At least they’re not being apers (look it up on Google) as I posted awhile ago.

Well, folks, just stopped in to say “hello” (yup Adele’s back)!  So much to cover, I’ll just leave it here (NOW) – I’m getting it!  You?

Here we go again  – and receive possibly the best wishes and figs anywhere on the planet !

Your friends @FigvilleUSA.

p.s. Catch me tweeting a tune or two – and disrupting businesses everywhere!





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