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Time Flies Like an Arrow Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Time Flies Like an Arrow
Fruit Flies Like a Banana


Happy New Year Folks!  Make it a Great One!



Been awhile, miss me? Well, it’s a long story.  Won’t go into detail here…blog material!

Glad to be back to let you know that my @Whole Foods and @Safeway studies have not ceased.  Not at all.  

Quickly, it’s hard to tell from one day to the next what Whole Foods will be carrying and/or eliminating from their stores.  Can’t rely on them.  And, Safeway, good ole Safeway is stepping it up with organic foods galore.  Don’t think people know that yet – do you?  If you think you do, go hug a horseradish root – mushy huh?  No one’s aware and they’re not pushing it.

The two stores are in crisis.  They don’t know quite what to do yet…they’ll figger it out in time.  

What is important here is that Whole Foods’ prices are dropping … yeah yeah, I know, a little, but they’re taking the hint.

And, Safeway, grabbing up all that new stuff that Whole Foods carries, but failing to market properly.  Time will tell.  Their prices are pretty good and they have more sales on the so-called “good” stuff.

I’ll give you a rundown next time I’m over there.  Price comparisons and all…like the good ole days!


Jenther G.

Thanksgiving 2012

Gratitude Rocks!

From FigVille USA to you, a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!


JC Penney (jcp)

We received this email from J C Penney/jcp.  Like the good ole days to the good new days.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday, as you know, to give thanks – no matter what our circumstances.  I’m sure there is something we all have to be thankful for.  Even a pair of worn out shoes, eyes that can see, hands that can touch, legs to walk on (artificial or real) – but, whether or not we have these, we do have a heart from which to love.   And, beyond that, a choice to use it or not use it.  What could be better than that?

Thanks to good, old-fashioned values, there’s also JCP.

Thanks jcp!

Whole Foods Bakery

So, here’s the skinny on an unskinny (?) topic.

If you purchase a cake at Whole Foods and you do not like it, you can return it!

If you purchase a cake at Whole Foods and you do not like it and you throw it away, you can get a refund w/receipt.

I learned this yesterday after a FigTown Meeting.  About half the crowd has been frequently throwing away “nasty” cakes from Whole Foods. When I stopped in later in the day to see what the procedure was, the friendly clerk advised me that they could all have brought back their cakes or received refunds w/receipts.

I reported this great news to the Ville – they didn’t know since no one had ever told them – after they complained about the cakes WF bakes (??)  So, of course, I’ll have to pick up one next time I visit them.  If I don’t like it, I’ll return it and see what happens.  Will keep you posted.

Happy Thanksgiving from the folks in the Ville.


Craigslist Scams

Searchers Beware

Craigslist used to be the place to go look for bargains, gigs, home rentals and more.  I’ve picked up a couple bargains there myself and met some fine folks along the way.  Never had a problem.  Never saw a mention of God in any of my  responses.  Times change.

Seems that lots of folks in “the Ville” have had strange encounters and email responses as a result of their queries on Craigslist.

Here’s the latest.  Jack and Jill needed to find a place up the hill from here and requested info from an ad on Craigslist.  They queried the poster (or should I say “imposter) and received this reply.  Let me add that they queried several – with the same result before they brought it to my attention.

Here’s what they received in their latest response and here’s what you need to delete immediately should you receive one of ’em.  Oh!  one last hint…their grammar is the first tip-off.

Thanks for contacting me regarding  my home for rent, My name is Vivian Chen, I owned the house you are interested, The home is still available for rent, but I will only be interested to renting it out for a very caring and God fearing person that will take very good care of the house, Am just been posted to Abuja for mission of God, You can go ahead and view the surrounding of the house and neighborhood area, so i hope you will promise me to take very good care of the my home, also i will be come once in 4 months for visit to see how you are taking care of the home, and if any thing need to be repair in the home, and fix it back! You can rent the home for 5 years.

Type Single Family

Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3
Pets Allowed:  Cats, Small Dogs, Large Dogs
Deposit: one months rent $2,700 plus security deposit of $1,500
Features:  Den/Office, Dishwasher, Garage, Newer Property, Garbage pickup, Scenic View,Yard, Washer and  dryer.

Interested leaser/renter should kindly write me back with these requested information for proper record and documentation such  as :

First Name :
Last Name:
Spouse Full Names:
Kids Full Names:
Relatives or Friends Full Name:
Mobile/Cell Number:
Telephone Number:
Present House Address:
Present Work place name and Address:
Present work Tel. Number:
Numbers of Cars:
Pet type:
proposed date of Move in:
months budget to deposit before move in:
Rental/Lease comment:
Looking forward to hear from you with all this details so that i can have it in my file in case of issuing the receipt in your name and contacting you. Await your urgent reply so that we can discuss on how to get the documents and the keys to you, please we are giving you all this based on trust and again i want you to stick to your words, am putting everything into Gods hand. God bless you !

FigVille USA is looking out for you!  Renters Beware!

Have yourselves a Happy Day.

A group of us here at FigVille USA decided to take it upon itself to determine the value/quality of bottled water.

A study, conducted in 2011 by EWG.org, determined transparency of major brands/companies as far as labeling and source of water.    Their method:  contact water bottlers.  Results were discouraging.  And, we were left to wonder how toxic each brand is – you know, the stuff we drink – not the labels we read (or don’t).

We didn’t contact any water bottlers.   We bought a high tech water testing tool and took to task the bottled water industry by conducting our own home experiment to check out the toxic levels. FigVille’s just as wary as any community about the label deal, but one cannot always believe the labels (as we’ve discovered).  We figgered the truth is derived in the exploration of the water properties rather than private party interpretation.  No offense, EWG.

Here’s our partial list.  Value is foreign property – undeclared by tester.  We’ll be picking up a bottle here and there as we shop.  Stay tuned for more.

Aquafina 0.01  (surprised?)

Green Planet 0.02

Essentia 0.03

MetroMint 0.07

Tap Water in FigVille 0.20

Dasani 0.24

Walmart Great Value 0.25

CVS Brand Ice Canyon Natural Spring Water 0.30

ICE AGE (British Columbia)  0.30

Calistoga 0.35

Safeway Refreshe 0.35

Icelandic Glacial 0.50

Eternal Artesian 0.51

Ethos (“Helping Children get Clean Water”) 0.52

Smart Water 0.64

Whole Foods 365 Spring Water 1.05

Crystal Geyser 1.06

Acqua Panna 1.17

Arrowhead* 2.17

Evian (shocker) 2.90  (you going to buy this?)

*Arrowhead  “Our Eco-Slim cap is part of our ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment.”  Get this:  “This cap contains an average of 37% less plastic than our previous cap.”

Guess they forgot the part that says… and we don’t consider people part of the environment, so we have done nothing to reduce the water’s toxicity.

“Eat This, Not That” – article today 9/9/2012 re Bottled Water Secrets (print version):  http://bit.ly/J1LSLc – enjoy!

By the way, send us the name of your favorite bottled water – we’ll pick up some and test for you – no charge.

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